How to Clean Your Asphalt or Shingle Roof

Shingle and asphalt roof tiles are very versatile and can be adapted and modified to fit many different angles, shapes and roof contours.  They have the added bonus of coming in many different colors, making a beautiful and unique roof a reality for any homeowner.

how to clean your roof

Proper installation of a shingle or asphalt is absolutely necessary to be certain that the roof will do its job and stand the test of time.  Proper maintenance is every bit as important and is key to keeping your roof and your home in peak condition.

Always Clean Your Roof

Asphalt roofing is prone to moss growth and it is the number one culprit for roof failure, especially in wet or cold climates.  When checking your roof for wear and tear, you should also always be checking to make sure that there is no moss building up on the tiles.

Moss can cause water damage, invite rot and even grow underneath the tiles of your roof, pushing them up and out of place. Additionally, moss can be the gateway for even worse troubles like black algae.

Regular cleaning of your roof will prevent any of these issues from ever being of concern to you.

How to Clean Asphalt Shingles

Proper cleaning of an asphalt roof will require the use of certain chemicals.  This is especially true if there are moss issues with the roof.  Make sure that you are using the proper chemicals in the right amounts, or you might cause damage to the tiles.

There are products made specifically for this type of cleaning and they will be marked safe for asphalt roofing tiles. Most cleaners will require mixing with a gallon of water and a quart of bleach and then they are applied with a pump-style sprayer.

This mixture should sit on the roof for about fifteen minutes before being washed off. A standard garden hose is all you will need for the rinsing process.

Be careful not to slip and fall off the roof while you do this.  If stubborn spots remain, you can use a brush to wipe the tiles down.  Make sure you don’t apply too much pressure, however.

In addition, you can install a sheet of copper or zinc-coated sheet metal along the sides of your roof, just below the ridge. This will make the roof less friendly to moss and algae and help you stay on top of any growth of these offenders.

Tips and Tricks

Besides cleaning, there are some other helpful things that you can do to maintain your roof’s cleanliness. Trim back any tree branches or other foliage that is touching the roof.  Sunlight prevents the growth of moss and algae and it is never good for branches or other plants to be rubbing against the roof tiles.

Clean off any accumulated plant debris and dirt regularly so that moisture does not get trapped in the nooks and crannies of the roof.  Gutters will need to be cleaned regularly as well. The cleaner you can keep your roof, the longer it will last.